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MANCHESTER MI BLACKSMITH photo picture print
MANCHESTER MI BLACKSMITH photo picture print
Photo #955
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by Jan Kaulins

MANCHESTER MI BLACKSMITH photo picture art print for sale. This MANCHESTER MI BLACKSMITH Shop photo picture print is of the historic red brick structure that sits on Main St. just a little East of downtown Manchester MI. Manchester is located on the edge of The Irish Hills in Southeast Michigan. The historical plaque on the front of the Blacksmith Shop reads: "In 1877 local masons built this shop in eight days. Its first owner, William F. Neebling, built wagons and followed the blacksmith trade until 1909, when he sold the business to Theodore Morschheuser. John F. Schneider apprenticed to Morschheuser in 1911 and bought the shop in 1922. Schneider worked as a blacksmith until his death in 1952. The building, one of Michigan's last intact main-street blacksmith shops, was purchased by the Manchester Area Historical Society in 1982." This is an artistic fine art photograph of this historic structure by artist/photographer Jan Kaulins. It is made from several bracketed photographic exposures to give it the richness that the image has.

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